Celebrate Easter

I have a feeling this Easter will be big. As in, significant or important. So LEAN IN. Prepare by drawing closer to Christ.

And I created a tool that can help! It's an Easter advent that teaches God's Plan for His children and the role of Jesus Christ in that Plan. It's a masterpiece, but I'm making it available for free.

The advent is called 8 Days of Easter. It's deep in teaching truth, but it's also fun and experiential, with activities, recipes, symbols and illustrations. It even has instructions for creating a symbolic feast, much like the Passover seder for Jews, but teaching principles of the restored gospel. It also has a symbols-of-Easter egg hunt that teaches the events of the crucifixion.

And it's FREE. I spent seven years (!) creating it for my family, but if you'll pay God directly (you and He decide how), then you can download the digital files for free and use it how you will (just not for commercial purposes).

Click here to learn more. And above all, please go deep in loving Jesus Christ this Easter season!!! You won't regret it!


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