Captivating CORE 2021

Join me for a retreat!

* Receive personal revelation -- Hear Him! *
* Access the healing power of Jesus Christ *
* Resist the adversary *
* Awaken your heart through nature and self-care *

Watch the Captivating CORE trailer below.

Not-for-profit, COVID-adapted.

Captivating CORE is a four-day women’s retreat designed to lead you into the life God intends for you. Through video sessions, communion with God and soul-restoring activities you can deepen your relationship with God. You can increase your capacity to resist the adversary and access more of God’s power. You can awaken to the core desires God placed in your heart.

Due to COVID restrictions, this retreat will be semi-virtual. Instead of one large gathering, you will host a mini-retreat and participate in the Captivating content and schedule at your own private location. I will lead you in accessing the Captivating CORE content and creating a successful experience. God will provide the revelation, healing and power.

The cost then, is up to you -- to cover your food and lodging. 
There is NO FEE to the Captivating team.

This retreat is life-changing. Because God is in it. When God touches your life, you are never the same. :D

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