My relationship with food has changed drastically over the years. At my worst, I ate a pound of chocolate or a loaf of white bread for dinner. Maybe a sleeve of fat free soda crackers for lunch. I've come a LONG way since then, thanks to the motivation of overcoming chronic illness. Now I eat food made by God as close to its natural form as possible (whole food). Above all, I follow the direction of the spirit, the Word of Wisdom and other scripture. I'm really happy with it. My food feels good, tastes good and, though time-consuming, is a pleasure to prepare.

People frequently ask what I eat and how I got here. This page answers those questions. Note that I am not preaching to you, nor trying to convince you. If so, I would tell you my credentials and add supporting links, quotes, and evidence to back my claims. Instead, I am simply sharing what I do. 

If you are interested in learning from me, I recommend praying about it. Share a specific piece of my approach with the Lord, and ask what He wants you to do with the information. As you ponder and listen for an answer study the words of the prophets, both modern and ancient.

What I Eat

How I Got Here

The Spiritual/Emotional Component 

Recipes and Meal Plans

Something to remember: I'm sharing with you my intention, the goal I set before me. The actual execution may not measure up to this, but I keep trying each day, like the movie Groundhog Day.


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