Do you want fun, easy, meaningful holiday traditions?

I do too! 

That's why I created 8 Days of Easter and Making Christmas Count:

Holiday advents 
creating family traditions 
centered on our Savior Jesus Christ

8 Days of Easter and Making Christmas Count combine scriptures, activities, illustrations and symbols into fun family traditions that are easy to personalize. Best of all, they are truly Christ-centered. 8 Days of Easter teaches our Savior's role in Father's Plan of Salvation. Making Christmas Count teaches the life and mission of Jesus Christ. You will love pulling these out year after year!

Check them out!

You can download the digital files for free and print one copy for personal use.

Free Downloads

If you appreciate the digital files, please pay it forward. Consider donating to the Humanitarian Aid Fund of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sharing these traditions with families who need more of God's peace during the holidays, or thanking God in prayer.


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