Still True

Like so many others, I'm getting my butt kicked. I'm in the fire. AND. God is still good, loving, and trustworthy. I declare it! I have proved Him 1000 times. Right now, I'm proving myself. In the middle of the fire, I choose God.

Here's the song I reference, Fires by Jordan St. Cyr:


  1. Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing such pain, and for so long, and I was not aware of it. Please know that I will add you to my prayers XOX

  2. You’re a brave awesome, woman, Sarah
    A Sister in R.S. today told that she had been
    In 3 car accidents this past year, that totaled 3 cars.
    Now, instead of being afraid to get in a car she says,
    “I have been there, I can do this hard thing!”
    Good for you, Sarah. You are a brave, awesome woman.


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