Just Give It to God

This is one of the first videos I made. I've held it back because in it I mention that the Spirit told us to move to a new home (same job, same area, new home). I wanted to post the video after the move was official.

Aaaaaand it's still not official. We did our part, the contract fell through, and ? We aren't sure about the next step. Perhaps His prompting was meant to stretch us more than change our location. Either way, we continue waiting on the Lord.

So, finally, I'm sharing the video. Just don't react when I mention moving! It hasn't happened yet.


In this video I share some things that God told me to do: stop pushing myself, make these videos, sell my house, and stop my habit of negative self-talk. I can’t do any of these things! But I had a dream where I saw Jesus Christ help me do what I cannot do on my own. We have an omnipotent God! He has conquered death and sin! When we give our problems to Him ALL things are possible.

What are you struggling with? Are you trying to do it yourself? What happens when you give it to God?



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