Women are the Heart

I grew up believing that women were just as strong and capable as men. Consequently, I find myself immune from some of the lies of the adversary that say otherwise. But today I felt relief as I listened to a man offer to defend women from the evil that comes their way. In this video I share that I am the heart of my family. I am irreplaceable in my life-giving role in the lives of my children and husband, and I want my husband to defend me. Not because I am weak. Because I am valuable.

How do you see the roles of men and women? Do my stories and analogies resonate for you? Do you have a different experience or opinion?

And P.S.

I just realized my description of my mother might trigger a shame storm for another mom. If this is you, hear me say that it is *impossible* for a woman to do "all the things," and often my siblings and I suffered from my mother's absence. For years I blamed my mom for the sacrifices she made. The perspective I share in this video came after years of healing with the Lord, in which I came to see that even though my mom did not give me all that I wanted, she gave me what I needed for God's plan for me. What she gave was enough, because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He offers that abundance for all of us, in our mothering and our daughter-ing.


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