Repost: Expectations

It's almost Christmas, and I've been thinking about the quote I mention at the beginning of this older post: "it was not a silent night." What are the assumptions and expectations I have for Christmas? What do I think Christmas "should be" and what is it really? A celebration? Worship? Fun? The Spirit? I like remembering that God's stories don't happen the way I expect them to, nor the way I glamorize them. It reminds me that my life, and Christmas, can be unexpectedly, uncomfortably meaningful too.

So Merry Christmas! And here's a repeat:


Expectations can get in the way. Our idea of what success, holiness, or our life plan looks like can get in the way of embracing God’s actual plan for us. What expectations do you have for yourself and your journey? What does it look like to let go of those expectations, or align them more closely with God’s plan?


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