Ask God Anything!

You can ask God anything. He WILL answer. All those times of confusion, angst, indecision, uncertainty, anxiety, or even listlessness — you can talk to God. So what do you want to ask God? Tonight? Or tomorrow? What’s in your heart?


Video transcript (edited):

I can ask God anything. I can talk to Him about anything. I can ask for His guidance on anything. Even more exciting is that I can expect Him to answer and He will answer. He will guide and direct me. Isn’t this marvelous news?

I haven't always known this, nor have I experienced it for much of my life. A year ago my relationship with God changed from Facebook friends to family. Prior to that I had a spiritual block that was blocking me from God. So I would pray but I rarely heard God's answers back, or received answers back. I heard from Him a few times a year.

Then a year ago a friend came into my life. She was so bright and alive and I wanted the light she had so badly. I knelt down and I prayed and I was finally willing to remove the block that was like an umbrella blocking me from God's voice and His love and His answers.

Since then I have found that I can pray and I can ask God ANYTHING. And this one change has opened up new possibilities and brought so much joy into my life! For example, General Conference is happening tomorrow and the next day. General Conference is a weekend of meetings for every congregation in my church. We all gather together in our local churches and congregations and listen via internet or satellite to the prophets and leaders of our church. They teach us about Jesus Christ and the things that God has inspired them to teach the members of our church. With my kids, we celebrate it as a big holiday. We spend the entire weekend celebrating Jesus Christ and listening to his prophets speak.

Sometimes in Conference speakers say something that I don't agree with or that bothers me. In the past I would just have to wrestle with it. Often, this meant thinking thoughts like, "I don't like what was said, but I sustain those leaders and believe they talk to God. That must mean I'm wrong. I must be evil.” Or, on a better day, it meant pushing the teachings away (ignoring them, distracting me), or continuing to fight with the thing. Regardless, I experienced plenty of angst and anxiety.

What it looks like now though, or what it looked like during the last General Conference, is that a leader says something that rattles me or doesn't seem right, and maybe my old thought patterns even begin. I feel stuck because that person is a leader in my church but I disagree… and then it all stops right there. I remember that I can ask God and God will talk to me about it. I don't have to wrestle with it myself. I can go straight to the source.

So I pray, "What did You tell him? And what do You want me to know? And how does this teaching or idea apply to me?" God talks me right through it and takes away all of the angst. It’s fabulous.

Another instance where I like talking with God is with unsolvable problems. And there are so many! For example, even just being sick and wondering what I can do to support my body. Or difficult questions like how to get along with my spouse when we're arguing. Or how to parent my children. Or what my kids need. I love that I can pray to my Heavenly Father and talk with Him about it. It's not just me talking and then trying to listen to nudgings of the Spirit. It’s God talking back, responding back in prayer. He’ll answer about the big unsolvable problems. He’ll answer about the little, tiny things.

Another one of my favorite times to ask God is when I'm kind of just… blank. When I want connection and I don't know where to start. I'll ask Him to talk to me and teach me. I’ll pray, "What do You want me to know?"

Those are some of my favorite times because God tells me things that are just right and fill my heart with love and joy.

So, you can ask God anything! Anything! Maybe you have a block like I had a block so you're not hearing his answers. If so, that’s the place to start with asking and believing He will answer. On the other hand, if you are hearing his answers, go to Him with anything! Everything! There’s no time when you need to be angsty or stressed because whatever comes up, you can talk to God about it. He'll fix it. He'll help you through it. He'll figure it out.

It's like being a two-year-old and having a parent's hand to hold. It’s wonderful.

So… What do you want to ask God? Tonight or tomorrow?

Keep shining!


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