Welcome to my video blog! Where I share my testimony of Jesus Christ, inspire you to shine, and offer hope for the brokenhearted. I'm showing up despite my fears, hoping my light will shine even if my product is unpolished. When have you shown up with God this way and seen miracles happen? Please share via email or the comments below.

Errors: In the video I say 2007 when I mean to say 2017. ❧


Video Transcript (edited):

This is the first video in a series that I'm making for my website, I am excited to start this series and actually get going with something that's been boiling inside of me for so long! I am also terrified.

My purpose in creating these videos is to testify of Christ. I have so much joy and energy inside of me. I want to share it. 

I have had a relationship with God for much of my life, to varying degrees. But the last 11 years -- up until 2017 — I felt distant and cut off from God. Then at the beginning of 2017 I removed that block and came back into a beautiful, fulfilling, joyful relationship with God. I felt alive inside.

Then something even more incredible happened. For eleven years I had also struggled with chronic illness. In 2006 I got sick with systemic poison oak and I never got better. I did everything I could to heal or even to just get by, but I was sick for a long time. Then in the fall of last year, of 2017, God healed me. Jesus Christ healed me! He just took it away. 

His healing is amazing and miraculous and I ache to share that experience and inspire others to come to Christ and to experience His miracles for themselves. So my first goal is to testify of Christ, build faith in others, — to point people to the God that I love. 

My second goal is to inspire women. Recently I have gained a greater care or passion for women and particularly for lifting women and inspiring them to shine with the light that is uniquely theirs.

Finally, I'm hoping that I can minister to the brokenhearted. What that means to me is lifting people when they are struggling. I know that a lot of times when my faith is struggling and when I’m feeling down, stuck, heavy, or in a rut I long to turn on a video and hear somebody's testimony, hear their experience with God. I'm hoping that I can share like that here in a real way. I'm hoping I can share my successes with God. 

I also hope to confess my sins, — my struggles and my weaknesses and the things that drag me down — in a way that is inspiring. In a way that lifts and encourages and strengthens those who listen to it. 

These are my noble, great purposes, and I have gifts inside of me that will help me strive for them. However. I am also terrified. During the last few weeks, as I've geared up to start this video series, that fear has intensified. Unfortunately, I have listened to the fear and let it into me and it brings with it all sorts of discouraging lies. As a consequence of listening to that fear I want to share some disclaimers. 

The first disclaimer is that I'm a perfectionist. Oh, actually, I'm a *recovering* perfectionist. I usually want to make things perfect and that is going to derail me on this project! I'm going to want to edit and I'm going want to look nice and then I’m going to procrastinate sharing what’s in my heart. 

So instead of opening the door to perfectionism, my goal is to show up as I am. That is a fearful place for me! I don't wear makeup and I often don't really do my hair and my eyebrows... I mean they're beautiful and thick and I like them and I'm friends with them but they are also wiry and they try to go their own way. Most of the time I forget to look in the mirror to see where they are pointing! So I keep telling myself that I'm going to look funny and not notice and I will be mocked and dismissed because of those flaws. But my intention is to show up as I am and share what's in my heart. Hopefully the light inside of me will shine even with the flaws.

To end, I want to ask a question. You can keep the answer to yourself or you can share, perhaps by leaving a comment on my blog or writing me an email. The question is: when have you shown up, despite the fear that you feel, and seen miracles happen? I think God does it all the time. All He needs is for us to show up and then He takes over and makes amazing things happen. So, when has that happened for you? 

That's all today. I hope you keep shining!


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