How God Sees You

On a tough day I admired my shadow, tall and elegant. Then God told me He can see me clearly, and I am glorious. You are too. What does God whisper to you about who you really are? What are your unique, glorious attributes?


Video transcript (edited):

One day I was struggling with my self-worth. I was beating myself up verbally, in my thoughts. Telling myself that I’m not very good, and feeling quite bad about myself.

I went for a run to the top of a hill, kind of a promontory or an outcrop. As I was standing on top of that hill, admiring the beauty of God's creations, I noticed the shadow of me on the hill projecting onto the ground next to me. Because of the angle my shadow was stretched out tall. I thought about how it looked so long and elegant and, even if it was just my shadow, it was a form of me. Tall and elegant.

Then God whispered into my heart, "Sarah, do you see that shadow? That is what you can see of yourself, a black shadow with fuzzy edges. You might think it looks beautiful or you might think it looks lumpy but that's what you can see of you."

He continued, "But Sarah, I see you. I'm looking at your soul, straight on. I see the color. I see the life. I see the true shape. And you are glorious."

I'm sharing this story with you because I think many people struggle like I do. Many people believe they are not good enough, or buy into that lie sometimes. And God’s message to me applies to everyone.

You are beautiful! When you look at yourself, even if you're appreciating the beauty that you see inside of yourself, it's still just a shadow of who you really are. But God sees who you really are. You are so glorious that He rejoices in looking at you, the way moms rejoice as they gaze upon their sleeping newborns. Babies who are perfect, lovely, and beautiful just they way they are.

There's a book of Scripture that we have in my church, called the Pearl of Great Price. In it there’s a book called Moses that tells of the Exodus prophet, Moses, learning about the creation of the world from Jesus Christ. In the scripture Moses 1:3, it says, "And God spake unto Moses saying, Behold I am the Lord God Almighty and endless is my name for I am without beginning of days or end of years and is not this endless? And behold thou art my son."

I am a daughter of God. Each person on this planet is a son or daughter of God. When we really stop to think about who God is, -- the Almighty, endless God of the entire universe -- it is mind-blowing! And then to remember that we are his children! We must be glorious beyond what we can comprehend.

That is my message for you today. And my question is, What does God whisper to you in your heart about who you really are? Because each of us is unique. Each of us has strengths that are beautiful, magnificent, glorious and unique to us. God sees it. He knows it. He rejoices in it. He can tell you who you are.

That's all for today.

Keep shining.


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