What Are You Made to Do?

God asked me if I was willing to fulfill a job in my church. I said yes, even though I felt intimidated. Then he asked me, “Why?” The answer I’ve learned is “because this is what I was made to do.” What are you made for? What are you built for? The clues might lie in your pain as well as your successes.


Video transcript (edited):

In one of my first videos, “Earning God’s Love,” I shared that God asked me if I was willing to do a job, or a “calling,” in my church. He asked me to do something that intimidated me, and I said yes, though I still had some fear in my heart. Then God asked me why I said yes. The answer inside me was “so that You’ll love me.” When I finally shared that answer with God, He taught me that He loves me no matter what and there’s nothing I can do to earn His love.

In that early video I end there, when God teaches me that I can’t earn His love. But the story doesn’t end there.

In real life, God asked me again, why do I want the job even though it’s intimidating and a lot of work and He won’t love me any more because of it? I didn’t have an answer. I spent the last couple months walking with God to learn it.

The answer is: because it is what I am made for.

(oh grammar, forgive me)

I am built or made to do this job. I have strengths that make this job possible. And not only do I have strengths that make this job possible, but I need to use those strengths to be fulfilled, the way a gazelle needs to run, the way a hawk needs to soar, the way a mountain goat needs to climb. I need to fulfill who I am and what I am built for. And I am made for this.

Something else I’ve learned is that these traits have been inside me throughout my life. In particular, there was an incident when I was in first grade that I have long regretted. I made a decision to be true to myself and the consequence of that decision was social isolation for the rest of elementary school. Elementary school lasts a long time for a little kid! I’ve long wished that I had made a different choice, and yet in the last couple months I’ve realized that my courage to be true to myself is another strength that makes it possible for me to do the job God is asking me to do.

I’m built for it. I’ve practiced it. Isn’t that beautiful?

Even though this job might be big and scary, as I step into it, as I start fulfilling the measure of my creation, doing what I am built to do, I will find fulfillment serving God, building His kingdom, and doing good in the world. So much joy is going to come from that! I am going to feel whole, like a hawk soaring on the wind. How delightful! I want to shout and praise my God! He is good! He is wonderful! He is kind! I’m grateful that He’s nudging me forward and pushing me to do what I was born and built to do.

I’ve seen a quote attributed to Joan of Arc saying, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” And although I am afraid at this point, her words summarize the point I’m trying to make. The work God has in mind for me is what I was born to do.

What a beautiful ending to my story.

So my question is, What are you made for? What are you built for? The clues might come in your pain as well as your successes. As you walk with God, I testify that He’s going to lead you into your strengths and it’s going to be beautiful and joyful and glorious.

Keep Shining!


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