More Beautiful Than Clouds

On a tough day God taught me that He created me, and I understood that He loves, cherishes and appreciates me more than I can comprehend. He loves you that way too.


Video transcript (edited):

Something lovely happened to me today. I hope I can inspire you by sharing it. I hope that you can believe that the message God shared with me today applies to you.

I ran to a sacred place, a place I like to stop and pray and commune aloud with God. My prayers were especially meaningful because I have been laboring under heaviness for a week or two. It's been ongoing, one thing after another, ending up in mostly despair and discouragement. I pray and it will lift, — like clouds parting on an overcast day -- and I'm relieved! Then BOOM! Those clouds come right back together and I'm heavy and encumbered again.

The first half of my run I was heavy, thick and overcast inside, reaching out to God, but my mind cloudy and fuzzy and not getting there. But when I reached my destination I was able to connect. I was able to clear away some of that fuzz and hear Him. Then I had such a lovely experience! I felt Jesus Christ whispering to me.

First, He pointed out the clouds. He said, "Do you see those clouds, Sarah?” And you know, the clouds were gorgeous! The sky above has been overcast for several days, like my mind, gray and ominous. Yet today the sky was a bright, cheerful blue, the clouds a brilliant white. And those clouds were fluffy! They were joyful. They were poofy, dancing across the sky.

So I said, "Sure, Jesus. I will sit here and appreciate these clouds with You.”  Then, “Oh yes,” I said, “They are gorgeous! They're beautiful, and this is nice for me in the midst of all my heaviness. Thank You.”

We sat there a short time. I could feel Him enjoying the clouds too. Then He said, "Sarah, I made these clouds.” It was fun to say back, "Thank you. I love them. They're gorgeous." And we sat a while more.

I was ready to move on. Hesitantly, I started up, and as I did He said, “Sarah," a little quieter than before, — "Sarah. I made you.”

Wow. Wow! I love when God stops me in my tracks with just a few words like that. Those words implied that I am beautiful and glorious! Gorgeous in fact! Just like those clouds, just like everything He makes.

I'm grateful He’s putting His love and my worth in my heart, carefully and repeatedly, because it's a hard lesson for me to learn! In fact, I spent much of my life craving, desperately wanting, to feel loved and I could not feel it. My mother or my husband, -- people I knew loved me — would tell me that they loved me. Yet I never could feel loved. I felt emptiness or stillness instead. At one point I even believed the lie that I must be broken, I must not be able to feel love. It's such a lie!

And now God is healing my heart. Jesus is healing my heart! Through experiences like this He’s teaching me that He loves me and I've let it in. This is His healing.

I'm feeling passionate as I share this because I'm sure that there are other people like me in the world. In fact, at first I thought my question at the end would be, “Have you felt God's love? Can you let it in?” But I nixed that. If I had heard that question ten years ago I would have despaired! I would have thought, "No. God’s love works for her, but maybe God doesn't love me because I don't feel it. I can't feel it."

You must know. I've spent over thirty years not being able to feel love. Yet God healed me. He is still healing me and I'm finally able to feel it. And His love is joyful, incredible and so, so out of this world.

So, instead of a question today, I want to share that God loves YOU. I am sure of it. Even if you can’t feel it, it's true. I am sure he loves you as much as he loves me. And He loves me more than I can even let it in right now. Keep looking! Keep searching for Him. All that fuzziness and all those dark clouds get in the way and they block out God. But God's love is real. It's huge, bigger than you or me.

He loves you just as much as He loves me, and He loves me more than I've ever considered.

Keep shining!


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